Single Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace planning to use sperm donation to get pregnant

After trying for two years to find Mr Right, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has decided on a Mr Right Now, who she’s never met, to be the father of her children.

She’s resorting to artificial insemination to get pregnant.

‘Sperm donation seems the only logical option,’ says the reality TV star, who had her first appointment at a London clinic to discuss the procedure three weeks ago.

‘I don’t need a man financially.

‘I can do it myself. I’m 34, my biological clock is ticking and I haven’t got for ever.’

Aisleyne, a Big Brother finalist in 2006, thought that she had plenty of time to fall pregnant.

But a double bereavement made her re-evaluate her priorities – her mother Sophia, 54, died in February 2012 
and her uncle Dennis, 
52, died in May the same year.

Both had cancer.

‘I was too busy having fun,’ 
says Aisleyne.

‘I thought I was invincible and had for ever.

‘It made me realise how fragile life could be and that I wanted to become a mother.

‘I want that responsibility of looking after someone completely helpless, to bring them up to be decent and give them the best life I possibly can.

‘I want to live for someone other than just myself.’

It’s perhaps no bad thing that Aisleyne‘s planning to start a family on her own – her exes would hardly make father of the year.

One, Curtis Davies, was imprisoned for firearms offences in 2004.

And in 2008 she was linked to former boxer Mike Tyson, who had been convicted of rape in 1992.

‘I’ve always chosen to be with guys you can’t build roots around,’ she says.

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