The star appears to have been deeply affected by the events of Monday evening

Following the atrocities at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester this week, fans have praised Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace for her touching support to victims.

The 38-year-old has been posting regular messages on social media since Monday evening, when an explosion at the MEN Area resulted in the deaths of 22 people and left more than 100 injured.

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Saffie-Rose Roussos, eight, was last night named as one of the fatalities and Big Brother’s Aisleyne was quick to offer condolences and help to her family.

Reposting the heartbreaking story, Aisleyne wrote: ‘This beautiful cherub. If I can help with the funeral costs please can her family let me know… money is no painkiller, just want to help.’

It came after the thoughtful star offered support to those still searching for missing loved-ones after the explosion.

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She wrote: ‘Any parents still looking for their kids in #manchestermissing please message me & let me pay your hotel & expenses. Thank you, I need to help.’

Aisleyne’s social media followers were quick to praise her for the thoughtless gestures, with one writing: ‘Huge respect to you for your generosity.’ Another added: ‘What a lovely gesture. You’re the sort of person this world needs more of.’


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Noting her constant posts, one fan wrote: ‘A truly gracious lady, Aisleyne. You have given nothing but love today.’ And another commented: ‘That’s so kind of you, Aisleyne. Pity other celebs aren’t following your example.’

It wasn’t just the tragic events in Manchester that sparked a reaction from Aisleyne: she also urged others to spare a thought for children all over the world.

‘One can’t help but reflect on the all the babies being bombed in Syria,’ she wrote. ‘We need world peace, not just our own. I wish I had the answers.’