He's got his bro's back

AJ Pritchard has defended his brother after he left Amy heartbroken.

AJ Pritchard

Amy broke down on Love Island after dancer Curtis admitted his head was turned by new girl Jourdan, and the only reason he is still coupled up with her is because his advances were declined.

While the whole of the UK appears to be behind Amy, Curtis’ brother, Strictly star AJ Pritchard, insists the islander was only being honest with his true feelings.

Appearing on Lorraine today, 24-year-old AJ said Curtis ‘literally can’t lie’ and that is ‘sometimes his downfall’ on the ITV2 show.

Love Island Curtis and Amy

AJ told Lorraine: ‘Curtis wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s so honest, he literally can’t lie and that’s sometimes his downfall, sometimes I feel like, “Just say it this way, it’ll come across maybe nicer than the way you’ve said it…”

He said Curtis, 23, didn’t do anything wrong and also offered some advice to his bro.

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The Strictly star went on, ‘It’s been portrayed that he’s kind of cheated on her, whereas realistically, yes he kissed another girl, but that was in a task. He slept outside with Tommy in a bed. Him and Tommy’s relationship has gone from strength to strength!

Love Island's Curtis

‘I feel like she [Amy] does have to trust in Curtis, I know that it is hard.’

AJ also said it was nice to see Tommy support him on last night’s show.

‘For me, stick to what you’re doing. Stick to your heart. He was a bit upset last night. It was difficult, I just wanted to give him a hug. Tommy then walked over and gave him a hug, seeing that true friendship, Curtis needs that.’

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He added: ‘I think he should stay with Amy. Curtis does what he feels and he wants to get back with her.’

And Amy has AJ’s full support because he thinks they make a great couple.

Asked whether he approves of the blonde reality star, he shared: ‘100% yeah, she’s a gorgeous girl and her personality.’

He also laughed at Curtis and Tommy’s sweet bromance on the show, telling host Lorraine: ‘If them two were together they’d already won the show, haven’t they?’

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