QI star got flirty with J-Lo

Alan Davies has revealed that he once had a very enjoyable encounter with Jennifer Lopez.

The QI panellist met J-Lo, 43, when they both appeared on a chat show and Alan was pleasantly surprised by her.

We were both on The Graham Norton Show a couple of years back and I thought she was going to be a bit of a diva,’ says Alan, 47.

But she was great. Really game for a laugh… taking the Mickey out of herself and her image.’

Alan admits he spent the whole time trying to impress Jen, who was quite flirtatious with the Jonathan Creek star.

She was surprisingly tactile,’ the dad-of-two tells Celebs On Sunday.

Whenever I made a joke, she sort of brushed her hand against my arm.

Like a typical bloke, I sat there desperately trying to make her laugh so she would caress my forearm again!

She even said she liked my hair. That was it. I was putty in her hands.’

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