Actor jokes about screen snog with Friends star


Alec Baldwin says his on-screen smooch with Jennifer Aniston wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

The pair locked lips in his US show 30 Rock when the former Friends star, 39, made a cameo.

‘It was painful,’ he jokes. ‘I mean, every man who’s had to make out with her in TV and movies – I don’t know how they do it!’

In the show Jen played a stalker.

But Alec, 50, refuses to comment on whether he thinks unstable women are better in bed.

‘That’s assuming I’ve been with crazy women,’ he tells The Sun.

‘If I answer that question in the affirmative that would type a woman I’ve been with as being crazy, which I don’t really feel like doing.

‘But I hear it’s true. I hear from my friends it’s true. I will say this on the record – I’ve never slept with a crazy man!’

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