Strictly Come Dancing star says she did nothing wrong

Alesha Dixon denies her marriage split was her fault – after love rat ex-hubby MC Harvey put the blame on her.

‘I was a good person and I know I was a good wife,’ she says.

‘If you have done nothing wrong then there is nothing to hang your head in shame about. I know my worth.’

MC Harvey, 28, cheated on his glamorous wife with Javine Hylton, who is now expecting his baby. Harvey insists ex-wife Alesha caused the break-up.

‘I fell out of love because she didn’t want to have kids,’ he told the News of the World.

‘Alesha was very successful, she was still searching for something in her career.

‘But I believe your career is not bigger than having kids.’

Nonsense, says the Strictly Come Dancing star. she can’t wait to start a family.

‘I would love to have the classic, stable family with 2.4 children,’ Alesha, 29, tells Hello!

‘To me that would be more of a success than any number of hit records.’

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Hannah Davies