George Best's former wife will tie the knot with businessman

Alex Best is set to marry again.

The I’m A Celebrity contestant and former wife of alcoholic footballer George Best got engaged on New Year’s Day after her on-off boyfriend Howard Kruger, 47, proposed.

The couple met at a party exactly three years earlier in 2004 and Howard supported Alex, 34, through George’s death, while she stood by her new fianc√© when he was jailed in July 2005 after being found guilty of indecently assaulting a girl.

His conviction was later overturned last March.

‘We have been together on and off for nearly three years and we have had some awful ups and downs in that time,’ Alex says.

‘Everything is absolutely fine now – he was proved to be totally innocent, which I knew all the way along.

‘Having gone through so much together life moves on. It’s 2007 now – forget about all the past and look forward to the future.’