Love is in the air!

Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland left the Love Island villa over a month ago and they’ve already moved in together. But with that relationship milestone under their belt, another is already on their mind: ENGAGEMENT.

The most attractive couple in showbiz have marriage on the mind, and it all comes down to a bit of bling. It seems that Alex is willing to trade an engagement ring for a Rolex from Olivia.

When asked if they’d thought about marriage by Reveal magazine, the 25-year-old hunk said: ‘Well, we were shopping one day and went into a jewelry shop. I was looking at a Rolex and told Liv she could buy me a watch, and she said, “If I buy you that watch, you can buy me a ring”, and I said, “Maybe by the end of the year then.”

Awww! [Instagram]

Awww! [Instagram]


‘And before I went on Love Island, I didn’t even have an idea of when I’d move out of home – now I’ve got a girlfriend, we’re getting a house together and I’m pleased.

‘I’m not going to say it’s going to be a year until I propose, because then she’ll be there like, “Erm, it’s a year to the day and you haven’t proposed!” So it could be less, it could be more!’

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So don’t buy your hats quite yet guys. But this just goes to prove that they might be the cutest couple we’ve seen come from Love Island. Aww!

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