Love Island’s hunky Alex puts his party suit on and struts his stuff. And as he gushes over his plans with girlfriend Olivia Buckland, are we jealous much? Yes!

Um, wow, you’re looking good, Alex! It’s your first Christmas with Olivia [Buckland, his girlfriend who he met on Love Island]. What do the two of you have planned?

We’ve already arranged lots of stuff. We moved in together in Essex after we came off Love Island – we’re both loving being under the same roof. I love Essex, but Christmas is a time for family and friends, so I want to make sure that I get back up to Wolverhampton to see my loved ones. It’s weird not seeing my family as much as I used to, so I can’t wait to spend some time with them.

How have you and Olivia been getting along since you moved in together – have you been arguing over who’s got to do the dishes?

It’s great. The whole thing’s really lovely. It feels natural. You hear about people moving in together quite quickly and it all being a bit of a shock, but it’s going well for us. We’re both really happy and we haven’t been arguing at all. We lived together in a house on Love Island, so it’s a natural progression for us really. It would have been weirder to live separately after we got used to being together 24/7.

Haven’t you just got a puppy together, too? You’re like a real family already…

We’ve just got Reggie – he’s the cutest little French bulldog puppy in the world. He’s just a couple of months old, so he’s still a baby. He’s so cute.

These two are literally couple goals!

These two are literally couple goals!

What are you thinking of buying Olivia for Christmas?

It’s a secret because she might read this! But we both like our clothes, so we’ve given each other some ideas of what stuff we’d like. I’d be happy with clothes and trainers, and I like backpacks, so I want a really nice new one.

Tell us about Christmas Eve – do you like going out and getting drunk with your mates?

I think I’m quite unusual in the fact that I don’t. I hate having a hangover on Christmas Day – it really ruins it for me. I like staying in and then obviously I’ll get stuck into the drinks on Christmas Day. You don’t want to ruin the main event and be off your food, but Christmas Day is definitely about getting boozy!

What about the other guys from Love Island – will you meet up with them over the Christmas period?

Definitely. Me and Terry [Walsh] are close, so I want to see him, and I’d like to see Nathan [Massey] and Cara [De La Hoyde], too, as they don’t live too far from us in Essex.


Do you think the other couples from Love Island will stand the test of time?

A lot of people said I didn’t care as much about Olivia as she did about me on the show, but I think we’ve proved them wrong. People also said that Scott [Thomas] and Kady [McDermott] might not last, but they seem to be going really strong. And, obviously, you have Cara and Nathan who are really loved-up.

Have you ever dressed up as a sexy Santa before?

No! But I reckon Olivia would like this shoot. I might steal some of the pants and wear them at home for her…

Who would you like to give a lump of coal to this year?

I think Tom [Powell] and Sophie [Gradon] from Love Island. I love them both as people, but they caused a lot of drama in the house. It wasn’t that they were hard to live with, but I think they’re toxic for each other. I’m a positive person, though – instead of worrying about other people, I want to focus on my life with Olivia.

Have you thought about popping the question to Olivia over Christmas or New Year – or is it a little soon to be thinking about settling down so much?

I don’t want to say yes, but I also don’t want to say no. [Grins] I’ll say maybe!