It's been a long time since this happened...

It KICKED OFF on Loose Women today (18th August) when former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland clashed with both the panellists and the new title holder, Deone Robertson, because her title was stripped after she had sex with Alex Bowen on Love Island.

The injustice of it all has sent many fans sending Alex hate because, in their words, the ‘boy never gets hate’ when things like this go down. But the reality hunk, who is now in a relationship with Olivia Buckland, is not taking any of it.

And now he’s urged both Zara and the public to ‘move on’ from the drama.

He started with some sage advice: ‘Don’t make excuses and don’t have regrets live with it yeah.’


Then added: ‘This is so jokes, people have an opinion of a show where they see 45 mins of a 24 hour day, you all see the bits that are good for TV’

Evidently, these two tweets weren’t enough to quell the passionate fans. So instead Alex Bowen posted a note from his phone, writing: ‘For the people which are coming at me because of the Zara situation which is old news now but whatever…

Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland

Alex with current girlfirend Olivia – possibly the most attractive couple in the world [Instagram]

‘Zara had a title as she made clear on many occasions, I didn’t hence why I did what I wanted..

‘People say nobody blames the lad, well I wasn’t mr England. If I was, and then she got stripped of her title and I didn’t then yes you have an argument but that’s not the case.

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‘I don’t regret anything I have done because you learn and move on… Apologies she lost her title but it’s not my fault at all. It’s happened, it’s done, accept it; but don’t blame it on being drunk because that was not the case. MOVE ON.’

Err, fair enough. Since both of them have had their say, maybe we could stop pointing fingers. There’s always next year, you can try again Zara Holland, and you might be able to tell everyone you won Miss Great Britain again.