The WAG avoids fast food for Steven Gerrard's sake

Alex Curran loves junk food but it’s been off the menu since she married Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard.

‘I’d feel a bit bad eating a big burger in front of him,’ she explains. ‘I tend to eat what Steven eats and he obviously eats really healthily.’

Alex, 25, admits having to stick to 27-year-old Steven’s disciplined eating regime is hard to do.

‘It is a bit annoying sometimes,’ she confesses. ‘But it’s part of the job and I’m use to it by now.’

Having such a wholesome diet means the mum-of-two’s weight stays pretty steady and she never bothers to get on the bathroom scales.

‘I know from my jeans if I’ve put on a couple of pounds,’ Alex tells the Sunday Express. ‘I more or less stay the same.’

Hannah Claxton