Stephen Baldwin helped Celebrity Big Brother winner discover Jesus


Cage fighter Alex Reid has revealed his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house with devout Christian Stephen Baldwin has strengthened his spirituality.

Alex, who recited the ‘sinner’s prayer‘ with Stephen on air, formed a bond with the American actor. 

‘People were saying he’s a bit creepy but I thought it was the perfect opportunity for someone to discover Jesus,’ says Alex.

‘I’m not going to become some sort of Bible-basher, but I’m fascinated by someone who has such an influence on the world.’

Alex Reid married Katie Price aka Jordan – in a quickie wedding in Las Vegas, but although the couple didn’t take their vows in church, they’re contemplating starting to attend Sunday services.

‘I have always turned to God in times of need,’ reveals Alex. ‘Maybe in some parts of the world God might be called something different, but I did a lot of thinking in those four weeks [in the CBB house]. So, why not?’ 

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Jessica Ko