Muscly cage fighter Alex Reid is secure with his sexuality


Alex Reid is happy to have gay fans like actor John Barrowman.

The cage fighter says it’s always nice to get compliments – especially from celebrities.

‘I hear that Doctor Who star John Barrowman said he loves me and called me “particulary sexy” last week, which was very nice of him!’ says Alex, 35.

‘I do get male attention, which is fine, as I’m secure in my sexuality, but I’m not sure if I’m considered to be a gay icon or not.

‘I’d be cool with it if I was – it’s flattering to be fancied by anyone, male or female!’ 

Gorgeous John, 43, developed a secret crush on Katie Price‘s new husband when the couple met him in his theatre dressing room after a performance of La Cage Aux Folles.

I love Alex Reid. I think Alex
is particularly sexy,’ John said. ‘He’s one of those guys who knows what
he’s about, very flirtatious and doesn’t give a shit who he flirts

John lives with long-term partner Scott Gill.

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Reena Sewraz