The cage fighter wants to be completely hair-free


Alex Reid will no doubt be learning to love being single again very soon, but any new girlfriend will find he’s a real smoothie.

Katie Price‘s estranged husband is having laser hair removal to remove all his body hair.

‘I’ve had one session so far – on my legs, armpits, chest and, erm, bikini line, which yes, was the most painful!’ he reveals.

‘I was yelling “Ow!” because it’s not like fighting, where adrenalin masks the pain.

But Alex, 35, is determined to keep going back for more treatments until he’s completely smooth-skinned.

‘You have sessions every month or so, and I’m going to need a fair few,’ he explains.

‘I need to keep myself hair-free for when I’m in the ring and it’s good for acting and modelling, too.

‘I am a reasonably hairy guy, so I think this is going to save me a fortune on razors!’

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