Friends fear Jordan's hold over the cage fighter has made him a shadow of his old self

Eager to train, Alex Reid raced down to the gym in the house he shares with wife Jordan last week.

It was a chance for him to work off the frustrations and humiliations he’s endured during his three-month marriage – but once he got there, he found the door locked.

Demoralised and defeated, Alex was faced with yet another example of his wife’s cruelty. It’s turned him into a shadow of his former self, according to those who know him best.

One friend tells Now After a spat, Katie gets her own back on Alex by locking the gym door then pretending not to know where the key is, but the next day it’ll be open.

‘She knows Alex loves to work out, which is why she does it.

This immature behaviour is just one part of a string of steps Jordan, 31, has taken to control her husband.

On one occasion he sat down to have dinner with Jordan and the kids, only to find that there was no plate for him.

She’s got him to remove all female numbers from his phone and is only comfortable with him having about four people as friends.

Even in his brow-beaten state, 34-year-old Alex can see that the marriage lies in tatters.

He’s basically had enough of Katie‘s constant sniping and taunts,’ reveals a friend. ‘She’s always saying: “Well, Pete did this” and “Pete did that”.

Alex will admit to friends that the Katie he’s married to now is completely different to the Katie he met eight months ago. He never knows where he stands and her cutting remarks have affected him badly.

He’s never felt so low because he really loves her and
it’s as if he can do no right.

‘But Alex is too scared to leave her. He’ll never walk out on her.’

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