Family and friends fear for brittle Alex after his rapid marriage into Katie Price’s crazy world...


Jordan and Alex Reid‘s wedding has been widely viewed as a cynical stunt to make a quick buck, with Alex fast emerging as the victim of Katie Price‘s colossal ambition.

Now spoke to his mum Carol, who’s trying to keep a brave face despite his sudden marriage to a woman who lives her life in the media spotlight.

‘I’m looking forward to having Katie as a daughter-in-law,’ she insists. ‘We get on well. I’m not worried that they’ve done it so quickly and we’ve just had a phone call to say hi.

‘I’d like them to have children, I’ve already got eight grandchildren.’

But in the weeks prior to his wedding, Carol admitted to her fears for Alex, 34, saying he’s ill-equipped for the stardom that’s part and parcel of Brand Jordan.

‘My son is naïve. He could easily be manipulated,’ Carol revealed. ‘He’s going to have to wise up or he’ll drown in Katie’s world.

‘As for her fame, he isn’t terrified, but it does stress him out. Fame isn’t good for everyone. If this goes wrong, it’ll go really wrong.’

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