Brittle Alex has been having emotional freedom therapy


Alex Reid‘s mum Carol has confirmed that he’s already receiving professional help to cope with the pressure of his new lifestyle with Jordan.

‘Of course I do [worry about Alex and Jordan’s relationship]. Apart from Katie, Alex speaks to an emotional freedom therapy [EFT] specialist – he calls him his mind man – because if this goes wrong 
it’s going to go really wrong,’ she said.

In the Celebrity Big Brother house, Alex, 34, revealed his struggles with his new-found status. He told housemates: ‘Fame isn’t something I crave because I’ve realised that it’s a double-edged sword.’

EFT practitioner Judy Byrne says the aim of the therapy will be to find out what bothers Alex about life in the spotlight.

‘It could be that he has a fear of being judged,’ she says. ‘EFT is an energy therapy that can be used when an event or circumstances like these disrupt the body’s energy system and produce anxiety.’

While Alex talks about his fears the therapist will tap certain points on the body, which help to relax him. But if 
he’s hoping for a quick fix solution, Judy warns it might not be that easy.

‘EFT has a reputation as a one-shot solution, but it could be much more complicated than that. The therapist should teach him techniques he can use every time he’s in the situations that make him anxious,’ she explains.

Starting his life as Mr Jordan, he’s certain to need them.

Read the full story about Alex Reid and Katie Price in Now Magazine dated 15 February 2010 – out now!

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