The glamour model is facing a huge dilemma

Alicia Douvall has emotionally revealed that her health is seriously at risk due to her bum implants LEAKING silicone into her body.

The glamour model explained during an appearance on Thursday’s edition of Loose Women that she now has to decide whether to have the botched implants taken out – but admits she’s keen to KEEP them despite the risks as she fears what she’ll look like without them.


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‘It’s not black and white,’ Alicia, 37, explained to the shocked audience. ‘I’ve had implants for so long, I’d be left with a flabby bum.’

When panellists on the show pointed out that she’d ‘still be alive’, the mum-of-two admitted it’s the ‘psychological damage of not having body confidence’ that she’d struggle with.

Alicia’s eldest daughter Georgia joined her on the show and spoke of how she desperately hopes her mum will have the implants removed.

‘I want her to have them out. I’ve been all the time saying “don’t have any more surgery,”’ the teenager said.

Alicia is famed for having been under the knife on numerous occasions and spoke about the fact that, having had over 350 procedures, she’s bound to have to have further ops due to complications from previous ones.

She’s battled body dysmorphia in the past, which saw her attend rehab three times, and says she was in a good place mentally before being faced with the dilemma over her bottom implants.

‘I got my life back,’ Alicia revealed. ‘It was a really long journey.

‘But like any addict you can relapse at any time.’

The struggles Alicia have faced seem to have impacted Georgia, who admitted on the programme that she’d ‘never’ have anything done herself.

And even Alicia herself wishes she didn’t have to face any more operations as she’s learned the hard way that it hasn’t changed her life for the better.

‘I would never endorse surgery, it doesn’t bring happiness,’ she admitted.

‘I don’t have the confidence to have my implants taken out, but plastic surgery gives you hope, it spurs you on.

‘I can’t say I’m drawing a line under it.’

The interview sparked a HUGE reaction on social media, with many viewers shocked that Alicia doesn’t want her implants taken out straight away despite the dangerous health risks they pose.

‘If Alicia cares about her family and the future then she will get the implants removed!’ one Twitter user wrote.

Another Tweeted to Georgia: ‘I find this so heartbreaking you you Georgia that your mother is so selfish.’