Singer reveals how she's learnt to handle her feelings


Alicia Keys has spoken out about her ongoing battle with depression.

In the past, the singer dealt with the blues by putting up an emotional barrier and found it hard to open up to those closest to her.

‘I was feeling so sad all the time, and I couldn’t shake it,’ she tells Giant magazine.

‘I started burying my feelings. It got to a point where I couldn’t even tell my family or my friends…

‘I became a master of putting up the wall so that I was unreadable.’

The 26-year-old star learnt to move on with her life – by ‘learng to let go’ and finding love.

‘I definitely found my partner,’ says the singer. ‘I know he is somebody who will always be special to me.

‘Once I’m in love with somebody, I’m the best girlfriend you could every have.’

Gemma Stephenson