'My poor body might not be able to cope for much longer,' the This Morning star confessed

Whether reporting from the red carpet on This Morning or foxtrotting her way into our hearts on Strictly Come Dancing, Alison Hammond never fails to bring a smile to our face with her bubbly, larger-than-life personality.

But now the star has revealed that it’s not all laughs and good times, confessing that she’s ’embarrassed’ by her weight – which is now more than 20 stone – and admitting that she fears for her health.

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‘I know how much I weigh, but I’m so embarrassed by it I can’t say,’ the former Big Brother star told Bella magazine, adding: ‘I’m 20-something stone.’

But determined Alison said she intends on taking action in order to avoid serious health problems, saying: ‘My poor body might not be able to cope for much longer so I have to help it out by taking weight off.’

She continued: ‘I’d love to weigh 12 stone, that’s the ideal weight for my height – I’m 5ft 9in – but if I got to 15 stone and around a size 14 to 16 I’d be over the moon.’

It’s a task that makes he feel somewhat hopeless daunted though, with the Brummie star saying: ‘It’s the one thing in my life that I feel like I can’t achieve. When you get really big like me, you don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.’

She added: ‘I need to do it in small stages. If I just try and live healthily and drink lots of water, the weight loss will come. If I lose one or two stone, it’s not going to be obvious to anybody, but I’ll feel better in myself.’

Alison – who is mum to young son Aiden – admitted that sweets and chocolate were here weakness, and that he hides them from her.

She also revealed that she recently enrolled in a fitness camp where she managed to lose 10 pounds.



‘It’s not that good because I’m really big anyway,’ she said. ‘I think I lost around 22 inches off my body, though.’

But she added: ‘I would [go back] because actually talk to you about food and why you eat and about emotional eating.

‘For someone as big as me it’s really tough because it’s like I’m carrying a man on my back with my weight.’

Alison went on to reveal that fellow Strictly alum Lisa Riley – who has lost an incredible eight stone – has given her motivation.

She said: ‘She’s an inspiration for bigger girls. Being big isn’t great for your joints and stuff – I’m testimony to that. It’s time to take some of that weight off my joints.’

We wish you luck, Alison – and keep smiling through it!