Send us a postcard, Amanda!

As the summer begins to draw to a close, we’re craving every drop of sunshine available.

And so, it’s fair to say that we’re v. v. jealous of Amanda Holden– who is currently enjoying her vacay with her children, and sharing every detail of it on social media.

Send us a postcard, will ya?!

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However, not only is the 46-year-old giving us all the holiday envy in the world but also some major bikini bod envy as well- and we’re not the only ones feeling a lil’ green with jealousy…

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The BGT judge has taken to Instagram to share a topless snap of herself soaking up the warmer climes, and she looks absolutely incredible.

Amanda captions the snap: ‘Same place , different #bikini #familytime #relaxing #reading#iseeyou #mamatime #summer’.

Same place , different #bikini #familytime #relaxing #reading #iseeyou #mamatime #summer

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Fans have been quick to comment compliments for Amanda, with messages reading replies such as ‘Body goals’, ‘looking stunning as always’ and ‘You look bloody gorgeous!!!’. 

People of Instagram, we couldn’t agree more.

The mother-of-three also shared a snap of herself sun-creaming her youngest daughter Hollie, which she has captioned ‘The only exercise I plan on doing today!  #puttingonsunscreen#hrh #holidays #familytime’.

The only exercise I plan on doing today! #puttingonsunscreen #hrh #holidays #familytime

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And, just in case you weren’t already rotten with jealousy, Amanda has also shared a video of herself splashing about in the pool today.

We’ve certainly had worse days…


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It is believed that Amanda owes her rockin’ bod to a fitness regime known as the Viking Method.

Her personal trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir, founder of the hardcore discipline, recently shared with The Daily Mail that Amanda’s regime consists of her ‘training and eating like the Scandinavian warriors’.

Yup, this is a real thing.

Svava explains that Amanda’s diet is ‘designed to mimic that of the Vikings, largely based around nuts, vegetables, and plenty of good fats including oily fish and avocado’, a regime she accompanies with a fitness programme which ‘focuses on core power exercises’.

Looks like we’ll be living like a Viking from now on then, folks.

Alice Perry