Actress enjoying being pregnant after heartbreak

Amanda Holden feels certain her pregnancy will go smoothly this time.

The actress lost a baby boy at 7 months in February, but is confident she’ll become a mum again early next year.

Amanda – who with husband Chris Hughes, 38, announced the happy news on Wednesday – has had her 12-week scan and all is well.

The funny thing is, this time I just know everything is going to be fine,’ says Amanda, 40.

Even Chris, who usually says, “I hope so” whenever I ask for reassurance, now says, “I know so”.

And we both agreed that rather than keep it a secret for ages like before, we’d tell people as soon as we were sure it was safe.’

Amanda – who is having a baby girl – has a five-year-old daughter, Lexi, and has spoken of the harrowing pain she experienced when her son was stillborn earlier in the year.

You know when you read about people who hear someone screaming and only realise later it was them? That actually happens,’ Amanda tells the Daily Telegraph.

I found myself calling out Lexi’s name, as one of the first things I thought was, “How am I going to tell her?”

What’s strange is that from the very moment I found out I was pregnant I knew that I was never going to meet my baby.’

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