BABY SOS! Mum of two Amanda shares her advice on how she got her babies to sleep

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden might have two young kids and a high profile TV career but she’s not dealing with the sleepless nights many of us mums struggle with.

The 43 year old managed to get both of her daughters to sleep through the night within eight weeks – EIGHT WEEKS! – and we were desperate to find out how (while trying to hide our knawing envy).

Watch her exclusive Baby SOS! video, here, with her tips on how to get your baby to sleep through

Amanda, who has girls Alexa, eight, and Hollie, two, with husband Chris Hughes, exclusively shares details of the feeding routine that she followed that she believes made all the difference to her babies’ sleep.

And she also reveals her tip for keeping your sex life alive – yes, seriously! – after having a baby.

She tells Now: ‘I’m no expert but I am a mummy and these are my tips on trying to bring up your children.’

The TV star insists we shouldn’t be fooled by her uber glamorous appearance.

Amanda says: ‘Believe me, I still go out the door with Marmite, chocolate, coffee on me… I’ve been pooed on, wee-ed on, sicked on – and that was just my husband!’

Amanda exclusively reveals the advice she gave new dad Simon Cowell but, most importantly, she warns all mums out there: ‘Don’t be too hard on yourself.’

She says: ‘You love them so much that you constantly feel like you’re not doing a good job, that you could have done better, that you shouldn’t have shouted, that you could have played more, you shouldn’t have worked so much…it’s endless. But everything you do for your child comes from love and so I think don’t be too hard on yourself.

‘And only be the best mum you can be. If you don’t like playing with Barbies – I don’t – don’t play with Barbies! Do something you genuinely enjoy doing with them and don’t feel guilty about it because you can’t keep up a facade for the rest of your life.’

If you’re getting up with your baby at 2am (and 3am and 4am and…) then rest assured weve been there too – and have the eye bags to prove it.

Stay strong, you’re doing an AMAZING job!

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