BGT judge Amanda Holden wishes she was a bit taller

Amanda Holden always looks gorgeous to us on Britain’s Got Talent but the presenter has got a surprising body insecurity.

Standing next to leggy fellow judge Alesha Dixon has left Amanda, 44, feeling a bit self-conscious about her height and she admits that she would love to add inches to her frame.

‘I’d like to be taller,’ the mum-of-two says. ‘I’m not that bothered, but sometimes when I’m kissing my husband I have to stand on tiptoes.

‘I need a stepladder.’

Bless! Amanda often receives comments about how petite she is, despite the fact that she’s not actually that short!

‘People always say to me, “Oh aren’t you small” and I do feel like a munchkin next to Alesha on Britain’s Got Talent, even though I’m 5ft 5in, which isn’t tiny,’ the TV judge explains.

Despite her height concerns, Amanda seems pretty comfortable in her skin. The This Morning host – who has daughters Lexi, 9, and Hollie, 3, with hubby Chris Hughes – likes to keep in shape by taking gentle exercise.

‘I hate the gym,’ she admits. ‘Instead, I have a lady who comes to my house, who teaches me kundalini yoga, which is based on a lot of breath work and surprisingly hard work.

‘My daughter, Hollie, does it with me and she calls it “ogre”! I also go for lots of walks with my dog, Rudie.’

Amanda also takes a healthy approach to eating and enjoys a balanced diet rather than any sort of faddy regime.

‘I don’t believe in dieting,’ she tells Saturday magazine. ‘In fact, I can’t stand it.

‘There are things that you just can’t manage without and I think a lot of diets are hard to live by and maintain.

‘It’s all about balance – if you’re going to really indulge, be healthier the next day.’

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