Amanda loathed her Britain's Got Talent co-star

Amanda Holden has admitted that she disliked Piers Morgan so much she wanted to kill him.

The mum-of-two feuded with former newspaper editor Piers, 48, after he exposed her affair with Neil Morrissey in 2000 so she wasn’t too happy when he joined her on the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel seven years later.

If I could have kneecapped or killed Piers without going to prison, then I would have,’ says Amanda, 42.

He was a sh*tbag. But that’s probably why Simon [Cowell] put us on the panel together – it was TV gold to him to have us at loggerheads.

Piers was my nemesis. I couldn’t believe I would have to breathe the same air as him and to be on a panel with him was just the worst.’

Amanda – who has two daughters with husband Chris Hughes – has since healed her rift with Piers and counts him as a close friend.

I adore Piers now,’ the actress tells The Sun.

I’ve spent time with him in America over the summer. I’ve witnessed him changing a nappy. He is Marmite… but he’s fabulous.

I know that if I was stuck anywhere in the world he would come and get me – I know he would. That’s a very special quality in a friend.

He has redeemed himself but he’s still a sh*tbag.’

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