In order to promote PETA’s newest campaign, Amanda stripped down and showed the haters how fabulous her body really is.

After being attacked on her now deleted Instagram post for the evident retouching (trolls were keen to point out the wonky horizon), Amanda Holden has bounced back with her new PETA UK campaign.

The ‘Go Veggie’ emblazoned image features the very naked Britain’s Got Talent judge, laying on a pile of cabbages along with the slogan, ‘Your body will love you for it’. Looking extremely toned and happy, she’s clearly managed to make veggie sexy.


She hit back at any possible trolls with a tweet saying, ‘Here’s a shot completely untouched we cannot claim that legally if it wasn’t #justsaying #goveggie #getnaked’. If we looked that good naked AND un-retouched, then we’d definitely want everyone to know! You go girl.

It’s not unexpected that she would go on the defensive though, after comments on her last Instagram posts mocked her: ‘Unless there’s a tsunami right in front of her that photograph has been photoshopped’, said one blunt commenter.

But from this image it’s clear that she didn’t need to edit anything in the first place – but who doesn’t need a confidence boost every now and then?

And she’s clearly got a few confidence boosts after that picture, with Twitter replies such as: ‘you look amazing #bodygoals’, ‘…and she’s the reason why my family and I watch BGT all the way in SA. #truebeautyinsideandout’ and ‘you get better with age. Stunning woman Amanda’.

There’s nothing like a few positive comments to cancel out the trolls, and Amanda’s clearly got them flying in!

Find out more about Amanda’s ‘Go Veggie’ PETA campaign here.

Sophie McGarry