Actress loses baby weight in sickening amount of time

If you were looking for a reason to hate Amanda Holden, we’ve found a rather good one.

The star of ITV1’s Wild At Heart has admitted she managed to squeeze herself back into her size 8 hot pants just two weeks after giving birth to daughter Lexi.

‘I always loved the story that Mum got back into her hot pants after she had me,’ she told The Sun. ‘So last February I went to London Fashion Week wearing mine.

‘Now I can tell Lexi Mummy got back into her hot pants about two weeks after she was born.’

And it seems the secret to the 35-year-old’s weight loss success after the birth of her first child with fianc√© Chris Hughes, was down to sheer smug good luck.

‘I had a Caesarean and I was in hospital for five days,’ she says. ‘After a week of being at home I only had half a stone to lose.

‘I didn’t want to – and the last seven pounds just went.’

Just what we wanted to hear while struggling to lose the last of our Christmas weight…