Plunging necklines caused Ofcom to receive complaints about Amanda Holden’s outfits on Britain’s Got Talent but she's not bothered

Britain’s Got Talent has sadly been and gone, but it seems that through all the talking dogs and musical families, the double act that has left a lasting impression in people’s minds isn’t winners Jules and Matisse, but Amanda Holden’s boobs!

During the live shows, the 44-year-old judge wore a series of beautiful dresses, that some viewers found a bit too revealing.

Ofcom even received 200 complaints about the outfits that her and fellow judge, Alesha Dixon, wore in the finals!

But Amanda doesn’t seem to get what all the fuss is about, it isn’t even something that runs in the Holden family.

‘Everyone is going mad about the boobs and the joke is we have no boobs in my family!,’ Amanda said to us at The Glamour Awards.

‘My breasts seem to have had most of the coverage – which of course is only true in one sense.’

See what you did there Amanda!

And it seems Amanda won’t be covering up for anybody’s benefit any time soon.

‘Will I be trying to avoid flashing my body parts? Oh no!’ She then jokingly added: ‘My nipples haven’t popped up yet. They do most years so keep an eye out.’


Amanda says that she embraces every part of her body, and is flattered that they’re received the attention that they have.

‘I’m just happy they’re still in place and relatively pointing in the same direction after three children, so I’ll take that.’

The blonde beauty also touched on THAT incident with the stunt dog from the BGT final.

After winning the competition. £250, 000 and a spot on the Royal Variety performance, Jules O’Dwyer revealed that winning dog Matisse WASN’T the one who pulled of the tight-rope stunt, and it was atully done by stunt dog, Chase.

Some viewers felt tricked by the whole thing, and that Chase wasn’t who they voted for. Big boss, Simon Cowell himself has even apparently ordered an investigation to discover why producers kept the information from the public.

But Amanda doesn’t think that jsst becuase another dog was used, that doesn’t mean that Jules still isn’t talented as a dog trainer.

‘I watch it as a punter. I just think every act has a drum, or a wire,she still had to train the dog. The dog has skills. She clearly said she had a team of dogs so all the dogs should be used in the royal variety show.’

Speaking the truth right there Miss.Holden.

And we think that Amanda looked AMAZING in the BGT shows! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Amy Lo