Actress had an inventive way of faking her sex scenes for new movie

Amanda Seyfried found an unusual way to make her sex scenes for new movie Lovelace look realistic without resorting to performing them for real.

The actress, 27, plays porn star Linda Lovelace in the movie, out on August 23, who was famous for her oral sex skills and hedonistic lifestyle.

Appearing on the Conan O’Brien Show, Amanda was quick to point out that she didn’t actually do any of the sex scenes for real in the raunchy movie.

‘We simulate these things,’  she says. ‘And we don’t show any genitalia. For instance, Linda Lovelace is famous for Deep Throat so I had to do some oral sex and we would use a popsicle which was great because it would make my lips wet and…inflamed.

‘And then…honestly, I can’t believe I went that far just now. I’m sorry.’

It’s not the first time Amanda has been eye-wateringly frank in an interview. She previously told  Ellen Degeneres that she missed her ‘huge, beautiful boobs’ after losing weight to fit in in Hollywood.

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