The cute, the bizarre and the down-right odd. The X Factor is starting to look a lot like London Zoo to us...

Sometimes they sing like birds of paradise, other times it’s more like a choir of cats, but there’s something a little animalistic about this year’s X Factor contestants.

And to show you what we mean, and that we’re not just a load of nutcases, we’ve found their perfect animal look-a-likeys. Yes, really!

Since the show started, the gorgeous Lauren Platt has been called ‘the baby’ of the group and while the 17-year-old already has the confidence of Beyonce when she gets on stage, she’s still totally adorable. A bit like a fluffy, cuddly, golden Labrador puppy you might say. In fact, she even looks a little like one, don’t you think?

Talking of cute canines there’s also a few four-legged look-a-likey friends on the ITV show. Take 26 -year-old Fleur East with that amazing hair. This isn’t meant as an insult, Fleur, as we have a bit of a hair crush going on, but there is something a little Water Spaniel about those locks. And Stevi Richie– those puppy-dog eyes? Hello, cuddly Bassett Hound.

And then we come to the X Factor primates. We know Italian favourite Andrea Faustini, 20, would love to be a pug but it’s not quite sitting with us. He could also be a bear, but more of the teddy variety. For us, it was the Squirrel Monkey – they even have the same beards! It’s uncanny.

As for Paul Akister, 25, he’s got something dominating about him. We can imagine him trying the line: ‘Me, Tarzan. You, Jane.’ He’s got to be a gorilla. 

Then to the studs of the group – Jake Quickenden, 26, and Jack Walton, 18. Yes, they’re good-looking. Yes, women are probably falling at their feet. But take a moment to stare at their faces. Doesn’t Jake look like this lama? And what about Jack and the emu? It’s the eyes! Sorry boys, we love you really.

One thing’s for sure, if the music stuff doesn’t work out, there might be an opening for an act at London Zoo.

Meet the Benedict Cumber-CATS!

Lydia Southern