Could Amelia Lily and One Direction’s Niall Horan be the hot new couple to watch?

Amelia Lily is one seriously lucky lady. The 19-year old has revealed that she actually has Niall Horan’s number stashed away in her iphone contacts.

Err, what? Yes, OK, so whilst we might be reeling inside, we can’t help but wonder whether there could there be a potential romance sparking between the young pair.

After all, this isn’t the first time that Amelia has been linked to a boy band member. Back in 2011, the former X Factor contestant was rumoured to be dating Union J’s Josh Cuthbert after they were reportedly spotted hanging out together.

Speaking exclusively to Now, Amelia reveals, When Union J were on the X Factor, Josh Cuthbert was standing outside with a blonde girl and the papers said it was me, but at the time my hair was pink so it definitely wasn’t. It was pretty funny. And also a bit embarrassing. Thankfully the fans knew the truth,’ she adds.

And what about One Direction’s Niall?

He’s the most famous person in my address book but I don’t know whether he’s changed (his number). I don’t talk to him obviously,’ admitts Amelia.

D’oh! There was us getting all excited about their could-be coupling. Oh well, we were jumping the gun a bit.

The self-proclaimed comeback kid’ has actually been dating Miley Cyrus’ ex, Steve Rushton, for a year and a half now. In an exclusive interview with Now, Amelia confessed to being very happy’ with her current boyfriend.

Steve co-wrote my new single California with me – and the whole album, actually. We’ve been working together for a few years,’ she says.

Despite being a taken woman, Amelia has admitted that she won’t be getting married any time soon and is enjoying living alone.

I’ve had the last year to grow so I feel like I’m more domesticated, which is good. I can cook and clean now,’ she reveals.

Read the full interview with Amelia Lily in this week’s Now magazine, dated 15 September 2014 – and download it here!

Lucy Gornall

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