Actress feels less self-conscious as TV character

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has revealed that she feels more comfortable playing her geeky alter ego Betty Suarez than she does being herself.

‘I’m less self-conscious as Betty,’ reveals the 23-year-old star.

‘When I walk down a red carpet, I never feel more self-conscious than in my own skin. When I get into Betty’s skin, it all goes away.’

America insists she feels fine in the lovable fashion assistant’s dowdy clothes, thick-rimmed glasses and metal braces because it allows her to focus entirely on the role.

‘Once the braces go in, Betty comes to life,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘When I’m Betty I never have to think about what my shirt is doing or if this is a good angle. There is an enormous amount of freedom as an actor to have all that lifted off your shoulders.’

And although the curvy actress insists she will never succumb to the size zero trend, she is still prone to scrutinising her body like any other woman.

‘I never liked my legs,’ she admits. ‘God forbid if a picture of me in a bathing suit ever appears in a magazine!’