The former TOWIE star's making the most of quiet moments - with naps

Amy Childs recently gave birth to her very first child – a daughter – with partner Bradley Wright.

And after revealing that she was in labour for 27 HOURS, you’d imagine that she was already pretty exhausted by the sheer amount of effort it took.

But adding the stress of labour to the adjustment of motherhood in general, it seems as if the former TOWIE star is taking every opportunity possible to catch up on her rest – and her fans have truly empathised with her!

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Amy, 26, has been keeping her followers on Instagram posted on her life as a new mum, and on Friday (12th May), she revealed that she’d become a serious napper by sharing a funny meme that reads:

‘Why do people gotta be like “didn’t u already nap today” or “Isn’t 4 hours long for a nap” ohhh sooOorry didn’t realize u the nap police’

#newmum #naps 🙊

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Adding only the hashtags ‘#newmum’ and ‘#naps’, Amy’s clearly letting the meme speak for her. To her credit, we’re sure plenty of folks know exactly where she’s coming from – whether they have children or not!

Amy’s fans have chimed in with their own messages of agreement – and have recommended that she carry on as she’s been going – no ‘nap police’ in sight…

‘Nap when u can and as long as u can I say xxx’, reads one piece of handy advice from a fan, while another agrees with: ‘New mum naps are the best and most needed ! Xx’

Another fellow mum assures her that the desire to grab a moment’s rest as and when she can won’t be going away for a while: ‘My kids are 9 and 11 and I still love a good nap lol.’

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Elsewhere, it seems like Amy’s motherhood journey is going swimmingly. She told fans in her column for new! that she was ‘overwhelmed’ with happiness: ‘I keep looking at her and crying, I just can’t believe she’s mine!’

All that’s left now is to name the little one – we can’t wait to find out what she’s picked…