The ex TOWIE star opens up about her recent agony after her implant ruptured

Amy Childs has never been afraid to go under the knife. She had her first boob job at just 18.

At 21 she had a second, which took her to a 30EE and, she says, left her looking like a ‘freak.’ Now, at 24, the ex-TOWIE star has had her lip fillers drained and, after a scare involving a breast implant, she’s urging young women to avoid making the same mistakes as she did.

‘Girls rush into these things,’ she tells us at her Brentwood salon, as she shares her surgery regrets…

So what happened with your recent health scare?
I had a problem that meant I couldn’t exercise and I was annoyed not being able to train.
I worried I’d put on weight while I sat around doing nothing.

Why couldn’t you exercise?

My left breast implant ruptured and it started to fill with fluid. I could’ve just knocked it without realising. I remember laying in bed and calling to my mum: ‘I’m in so much pain!’ I
was rushed to the hospital for a scan. It showed the implant was coming away from my body.

Wow! Is everything OK now?
I’ve been fine for a month now.

Are you able to exercise now?
Yes. Last week I went to the gym five times. I just love training and get a buzz doing it – I eat healthily and I want to look healthy, too.

Do you want to lose weight?
No. I’ve lost 6in in total off my stomach and I’m a size 8-10. The 3D-lipo I’m having helps tighten and sculpt my skin, too. I wouldn’t look right too skinny – I love my curves.

How does the 3D-lipo compare to working out?
It gave me instant confidence, whereas it can take a while to see results when you work out. It’s more effective if you have it while training, but I lost 2in off my stomach with my first treatment.

Did you lack confidence before?

Like a lot of girls, I rushed into surgery and I regret some things. I shouldn’t have had my second boob job. The implant went really big and isn’t like the other one now. I want to show girls they could have problems like this.

Do you see yourself as an inspiration?
I’m going to colleges doing talks and I’ve launched the Amy Childs Academy, where we can teach girls from all over the UK about beauty treatments.

Is there a man in your life?
My mission this year is to find a boyfriend! I work a lot, but I’m ready for some ‘me time’. I’d love kids and a big wedding – that’s definitely in my future.

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