Amy Childs is looking foxy following her split with Bradley Wright


Amy Childs has gone under the chop for a dramatic new hairstyle – just weeks after she dumped boyfriend Bradley Wright. Could this be a surefire sign that she’s moving on from her ex?

The beauty and fashion entrepreneur, who first rose to fame in TOWIE, has opted for shoulder-length locks, with softly-curled ends and a sweeping side fringe. She’s also gone a slightly lighter shade of red – stunning! Amy is no stranger to dramatically changing her hairdo, surprising everyone with a stint as a bleach blonde last June before returning to her characteristic amber colour. She tweeted a photo of her new look on her Instagram account today, alongside a single ‘x’ followed three heart emojis.


Is this a decided kiss goodbye to her former beau? Amy broke up with Bradley, and threw him out of her home in Essex, after it was revealed that he sent explicit texts and photos to a woman he met on a dating site. Just a few days later, Bradley was given an 18-month sentence by the Isleworth Crown Court for handling stolen goods. You can do better, Amy!

We reckon this vampy breakup look will have her feeling good about herself again after her relationship drama. And it can’t come at a better time, with the upcoming launch of Amy’s book, Wild Childs…look good = feel good, right?!