Amy Schumer hosted Saturday Night Live and shared her experience of when she met actor Bradley Cooper

Amy Schumer is one of the best things to enter into our lives since emojis. And as she continues to kill it in the world of all things comedy and celebrities, her Saturday Night Live monologue has shown us that she is pretty much exactly the same as us when it comes to fancying fit men. And so the girl crush continues to grow…

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As well as talking about tequila shots with Hilary Clinton and how her body is like a lava lamp (we unashamedly snorted from laughing about that), the 34-year-old comedienne also recalled the time she met heartthrob Bradley Cooper.

Talking about he’s a different league of hot, she said: ‘Trust me when he is in front of you… you just grab your ankles.’

‘You would just say things you didn’t mean. Like “any hole’s fine!”’ Oo-er!

But after a quick chat, Amy did what we all probably would’ve of done, and thought she was engaged to the 40-year-old actor.

After walking over to say hi to Bradley at an event, she said her goodbyes and was about to leave him to it before he told her to stay and hang out.

As you can imagine, Amy suitably freaked out over the fact Bradley Cooper asked her to stay and hang out with him. We bet he was freaking out too over the fact that the hilairious Amy Schumer was chatting to him.

She was confused as to why he wanted to chat to her: ‘I’m trash from Long Island. I have a lower back tattoo!’

And despite her keep giving him a chance to escape the conversation, and other people asking him to get a drink, he was a perfect gentleman and told them ‘I’m talking to Amy’ and they continued to talk about cat memes and what happened on Corrie last night – well, that’s what we assume.

After their convo though, she thought to herself what we all pray for every night: ‘Am I dating Bradley Cooper?’

‘I don’t know how Hollywood works, but I’m pretty sure I’m dating Bradley Cooper!’

‘It’s NOT complicated!’ and with that, she changed her Facebook status to being engaged to Bradley Cooper.

Babes. We would’ve done exactly the same.

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