The model and I’m A Celebrity contestant slams Joey Essex’s ‘fake romance’ bid

Posing up a storm in the scorching hot sun at Lipsy‘s Spray Party at Ocean Beach in Ibiza with friends DJ Vogue Williams and Nadia Forde, beautiful model Amy Willerton shows off her incredible beach body – the abs, curves and enviable tan – not to forget that hair! Amy’s got it all – and brains to boot – so it’s no surprise she’s recently bagged herself a dishy American  businessman, Rob Gough. ‘I’m so happy, it’s a really nice time for me at the moment,’ Amy, 22, tells us, but just 18 months ago things were completely different…

You look very happy Amy. Might we be hearing wedding bells soon?!

I’m only 22. I’m a very ‘present’ person, so I live each day as it comes, and enjoy it and at the moment everything is great. I’m very happy!

How did you meet your new boyfriend Rob?

We met in Vegas. It’s so romantic isn’t it? (laughs). We had our first date at the fake Eiffel Tower after a Calvin Harris concert. He’s amazing.

And now you live in California too?!

Yes, it’s a really nice time. I feel like me again… when I first started getting into this media world I felt under pressure from people who told me I needed to do this or that, or they didn’t like the way I dressed. I’m used to being judged because I have done model pageants but when I took my crown and sash off nobody knew who I was and I could get on with my life and I thought that it would be the same but it wasn’t.

How did you cope?

I didn’t cope very well. I had to learn to cope. When I did what I wanted to do I became comfortable in my own skin and got happy again.

Do you think dating Joey Essex put extra pressure on you?

To be honest with you, I felt that whole thing was a really horrible experience because I’d never been used before for publicity. He is a big name and I’d never been in the spotlight like that, so when someone says, ‘Hey let’s be in a fake relationship?!’ And then you’re like ‘No, that’s not what I want,’ I mean, I didn’t even know this kind of thing went on.

What did you say?

I said ‘No, you can take me on a date, I want to get to know you naturally…’ We’d been friends up until then but suddenly he wanted more and I wasn’t immediately good with the idea. I remember them saying, ‘We could be managed as a couple…’ and then when I said ‘No I want to do my own thing,’ he stopped talking to me, just like that.

Were you upset?

It took me a very long time to get over it, because it hurt me so much. I thought he liked me. I spent the whole of Christmas sobbing into my pillow. Looking back I felt so silly to do that – I never let anyone get me down like that again. It should have been a great time for me celebrating as my career had taken a great turn after I’m A Celeb but I was just so upset.

Do you see Joey around?

No. Afterwards he text me saying, ‘Hey do you forgive me?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah I forgive you, it’s fine, I understand.’ And that’s all. I’d rather stay away as it’s not the kind of career that will make me happy. When you do things like that you start believing the hype and living it and your whole life becomes your career, but when your career is over you’ve ruined your whole life for the sake of being famous and what’s the point?!

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Amy Brookbanks