The newly single model Amy Willerton is loving life with the LA crowd

Amy Willerton seemed to be totally loved up with her personal trainer Rob Gough but the pair called it quits last month.

Now, the 20 year-old model is throwing herself into work in LA, where she’s been snapped ip by Jack Osbourne to front a new TV search for a beauty pageant queen. Bristol native Amy shot to fame at 18 when she won TV talent search Signed By Katie Price, but differnces over her management meant Amy soon parted ways with the infamous glamour model.

After that her budding romance with Joey Essex in the I’m A Celeb jungle kept viewers captivated btu that also wasn’t meant to be.

We caught up with Amy to talk break-ups and LA…

How are you finding living in California?

I love it. I’m going back tomorrow. It’s my last day in London, so it’s a bit sad.

Have you bumped into any of the One Direction boys there?

Oh gosh, you see everyone in LA. I’ll be in the gym and Hulk Hogan will be like: ‘Oh excuse me, can I get that weight.’ It’s surreal.


Have you had any romantic celeb encounters?

I remember once going into a club and Jamie Foxx was sitting at a table and he pointed at me and I was shaking my head like: ‘No, no, not me, I’m happy over here.’ The next thing I know, his bouncer comes and throws me over his shoulder and takes me over to his table. Then he gave me his number and I was like: ‘OK, bye!’ and I waved and ran.

Got any celebs living next door?

Vince Vaughn comes and eats his breakfast on the patio. It’s kind of weird, I know.

We’re sorry to hear about your break-up with Rob. Do you think you guys will get back together?

To be honest, it’s over. I’m single and ready to work.

You’re presenting a beauty pageant competition in the US with Jack Osbourne. Has filming started yet?

I’m filming it when I get back. We were supposed to film it earlier but I’ve had to stay longer in the UK because of commitments here. But I can’t wait.

Do you have a secret weapon with which to crack US TV?

My weapon is the fact that I’m very quintessentially British! I’m kind of exactly what they expect from a British person. They love the Royal family, they love bulldogs and they love all that lah-di-dah. I very much pushed that into my television persona!

Are you still in touch with Katie Price?

Yeah! I had a text from Katie just last week, in fact.

We thought you’d fallen out…

 Yeah, I don’t know what that was. It was slightly awkward after I left, but she was one of the first people to reach out when it was announced I was going into the jungle and wished me luck. She’s always been really nice to me.

Did Katie have any LA tips?

I didn’t actually ask. The last time I spoke to her in LA she was just asking me: ‘What’s it like?’ It’s just nice to catch up with people.

 Amy is the new face of the Sistaglam collection from