Wayne Lindsay claims singer walloped him

Amy Winehouse allegedly slapped a man 3 times round the face at a Camden pub on Saturday.

Wayne Lindsay
, 29, claims the singer launched an unprovoked attack at the Dublin Castle.

‘She was in front of me at the bar and suddenly turned and walloped me 3 times across the face,’ he says. ‘It really stung. I couldn’t believe it.

‘There was no obvious reason for her flying off the handle. But she clearly thought I’d done something. She was wild. She just flipped. It was as if she had voices in her head.’

Wayne, from Cambridge, insists he didn’t do a thing to provoke 24-year-old Amy.

‘I hadn’t said a word or touched her,’ he tells the Daily Mirror. ‘Amy stormed out immediately afterwards.

‘I was really angry she thought she could get away with it. But I let it go. I’m not an aggressive person.

‘She looked really unwell and quite frail. She seems unable to control herself.’

Amy’s spokesman declined to comment.