Singer says only husband Blake makes her feel good

Amy Winehouse has such low self esteem that she doesn’t believe she has any talent at all.

The brilliant singer left rehab for the second time last Sunday and now she and husband Blake Fielder-Civil are staying at a hotel in London’s Covent Garden.

‘Look at me, I’m a mess,’ she says. ‘I’m nothing special. In fact I’m nothing at all. I don’t feel good. I don’t have talent.’

Amy, 23, has convinced herself that without Blake, 24, she is worthless and can’t bear to be apart from him.

‘Blake says he isn’t going back to rehab – but I can if I want,’ she tells the Sunday Mirror. ‘But I’m not going without him.

‘I love him so much sometimes it hurts. I owe him everything. Without him I would be nothing, which is why it is so important we are together right now.

‘I feel disgusting and Blake’s the only one who stops me feeling like this. I don’t deserve him.

‘I can’t believe he even wants to be with me.’

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