Singer swapped 'gear' for the gym

Amy Winehouse recently sparked health fears by losing 2st – but she says her dramatic weight loss is actually due to a healthier lifestyle.

‘I lost weight when I stopped smoking weed and got into the gym,’ she explains. ‘I used to smoke £200 worth a week, which is disgusting – and it made me eat junk.’

Now the Brit-nominated singer, 23, gets her kicks from working out and switching to a healthy diet.

‘Going to the gym is the best drug,’ she tells Sunday magazine. ‘I go four times a week, it gives me the buzz I need.’

Amy, who admits suffering eating problems as a teen, says it’s something she’s ‘got over’ and is now happy with the way she looks.

‘Some people reckoned I looked healthier when I was bigger,’ she says, ‘but I had terrible skin and no energy.’