The controversial singer doesn't want to give up on her marriage

Amy Winehouse is back from her extended 71-day holiday on the island of St Lucia and the 25-year-old singer’s trademark beehive is now firmly back in place. So what was she up to in the Caribbean?

‘I just wanted to get away from London in the winter and have a nice break in the sunshine,’ she says. ‘I wanted to eat some good food and get physically fit, so I stayed at a really beautiful hotel with a lovely beach and a spa.

‘Every day I’d go and have a treatment at the spa, like a sauna or a massage, and then I’d either do yoga, swim in the sea or play tennis with my best friend Violetta, who came out to stay with me for a while.’

So has Amy really kicked drugs now?

‘Yes, completely. I haven’t done any smack or crack since before I went out there. I’m completely clean now and I feel much better for it. Of course, the booze was all-inclusive at the hotel and I’d obviously have a few drinks some evenings, but there’s nothing wrong with that when a girl’s on holiday.’

More than anything, the singer wants desperately to be reunited with husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

‘I still love Blake and I want him to move into my new house with me,’ she admits, ‘that was my plan all along. I won’t let him divorce me. He’s the male version of me and we’re perfect for each other.

‘Alright, I had some fun with a lovely bloke in St Lucia, but that was a holiday thing. I don’t want anybody but Blake. I didn’t want to go back to Britain until he was out of jail. I’d like to take him back to St Lucia with me because that’s where we spent our honeymoon and I know he loves it there. We’ll see…’

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