But now singer doesn’t want to go to Grammys

Amy Winehouse has decided not to go to the Grammys – despite finally being granted a US visa last night.

The singer, 24, who has been getting help to kick drugs from London’s Capio Nightingale clinic, will be unable to fly out at such short notice.

Instead, Amy will perform at Sunday’s ceremony via a satellite link from London.

‘Following further discussions involving the US Embassy in London and officials in the United States, Amy Winehouse has been granted a visa to enter the United States of America,’ her spokesperson tells the Daily Mail.

‘Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved and timing complications, Amy will not be travelling to the US to perform at the Grammys in person. However, she will be performing via satellite broadcast as previously announced yesterday.’

Things are definitely looking up for Amy. She also visited the dentist yesterday to fix her teeth and the gaps in her smile.

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