Raven Isis Holt says she and Reg Traviss have only just broken up

When Amy Winehouse began dating Reg Traviss in June, he was reported to have split from girlfriend Raven Isis Holt earlier this summer after 2 years together. 

But then Reg was photographed hand-in-hand with Raven in London’s Covent Garden at 4am on Sunday 22 August after enjoying an evening at The Red Rooms nightclub. 

Now burlesque dancer Raven claims she and Reg, 33, only properly broke-up last week.

‘I’ve spent pretty much every day with him,’ says Raven. I’m surpised we haven’t been spotted together before.’

The burlesque dancer says the couple did stop communicating in July but were reunited on 5 August – until their most recent falling-out.

‘I was still in love with him’ Raven tells Grazia.  ‘I agreed to give our relationship another go.’

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