Singer abandons gig in St Lucia over bad weather

Amy Winehouse failed to complete her comeback on Friday.

The singer was performing at the St Lucia Jazz Festival when it started to rain heavily.

Amy would like to express her disappointment that weather forced the abandonment of her show at the St Lucia Jazz Festival,’ reads a statement.

‘The set started well, but as the heavens opened, a number of technical difficulties occurred on stage, culminating with the lighting rig failing for two songs.

‘In addition, rain began to flood the technical wings at the side of the stage which caused sound problems. Amy and the band tried to soldier on but the set had to be cut short.’

But some fans complained that Amy, 25, appeared to forget the words to a song and apparently swore at fans.

St Lucia tourism minister Allan Chastanet hopes to reschedule the concert.

‘It’s a shame it did not go better but we will bring her back in the future,’ he tells The Sun.

‘We fully support her. We have a lot of admiration for her.’

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