Mitch Winehouse says Ozzy's girl has offered ‘wonderful support’

Amy Winehouse’s dad has given his blessing for Kelly Osbourne to help his daughter get clean.

Kelly, 23, has battled her own demons, so Mitch Winehouse thinks she’s just the right person to support the 24-year-old singer during her recovery.

He also says Sharon Osbourne, 55, has offered ‘wonderful support’.

‘Kelly is a very close friend of Amy’s,’ says Mitch. ‘I trust her. She has had issues with drugs.’

Mitch, 57, doesn’t approve of Amy’s mate Pete Doherty, 28, but does admit he has a certain charisma.

‘He’s not the ideal person to have around when someone has a drug issue,’ he says. ‘But he was charming.’

Mitch Winehouse and daughter Amy

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