Singer awaits toxicology report after collapse

Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch says his daughter was rushed to University College Hospital on Monday night because she accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs.

‘She had a bad reaction to some medication,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘She took 2 doses instead of 1, by mistake.

‘She did not take a deliberate drug overdose. She is on medication to wean her off hard drugs and she took the wrong amount.

‘The drug replacement is an opiate and caused her to fall ill and have a fit. We are now waiting for the toxicology report.’

But another tabloid claims Mitch, 57, thinks a pal spiked Amy’s drink with ecstasy – and he is even said to have reported his suspicions to police.

‘He is convinced that one of her hangers-on was responsible and he’s waiting for a toxicology report to show what caused her to fit,’ a source tells The Sun.

Amy, 24, was diagnosed with lung disease emphysema last month.

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