Janis Winehouse overjoyed at singer’s recovery for Grammys

Amy Winehouse’s mum Janis was thrilled to bits with her Grammy performance on Sunday.

‘She had a sparkle in her eyes and looked happy,’ says Janis. ‘This was my daughter of old. She’s put on weight and looks healthier than in months.’

Although Janis, 50, describes the last few weeks as ‘painful and unpleasant’ for Amy, she is confident the troubled singer’s now on the road to recovery.

‘I think Amy now knows drugs only lead to self-destruction,’ Janis tells the Daily Mirror. ‘I’ve got my darling Amy back.’

Amy, 24, dedicated her 5 Grammy wins to her family and saved her biggest hug for Janis as she celebrated at The Riverside Studios in West London.

Her brother, Alex, is also chuffed that she’s doing so well.

‘She was as bright and vivacious as she had been before the demons took over,’ Alex tells The Times. ‘She didn’t miss the crack, she told me, and was glad to be rid of it.’

Danielle de Nervaux