Georgette Civil says Blake and Amy need to separate to survive

Blake Fielder-Civil’s mum Georgette is convinced Amy Winehouse and her son will die if they stay together.

Amy, 23, and husband Blake, 24, have been holidaying in the Caribbean and insist they have their problems under control. They’ve admitted taking cocaine for fun but Georgette fears they’re fooling themselves.

‘We have since learned they have taken crack and probably heroin,’ she says.

‘All we can think about as we lie awake at night is will we be burying our son in the next few weeks?’

Georgette, 42, believes that if her son is alive for another year, she’ll be lucky.

‘I’m so desperate to get Blake away from drugs that I’m even considering paying to have him kidnapped and taken to a safe house,’ she tells the Daily Mail. ‘Then we could get professional help for him.

‘Blake and Amy are two troubled souls who are as bad as one another – like two separate accidents waiting to happen and feeding off one another.”

‘My son told me that if Amy died on a Monday he would be dead by Monday night.’

Amy and Blake and now said to be on their way home from the island of St Lucia.

Maids at their luxury hotel claim that they found blood and vomit all over the couple’s bathroom – and that Amy was sick over a sofa in the restaurant at the Jade Mountain resort.

‘The hotel management offered to send for a doctor but Amy declined,’ a source tells the Mirror. She said she’d be fine.’

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