Star's parents fear for the singer’s health

Amy Winehouse still isn’t facing up to her problems, according to her mum.

Janis Winehouse says the singer’s unlikely to beat her demons if she doesn’t acknowledge them.

‘The need to rescue her is enormous,’ she says in an ITV interview. ‘I just want her to be okay and I would do whatever it took to make that right.

Amy is in denial all the time. She probably feels trapped, her body is trapping her. But I know with addiction you do not have the choice because the substance itself directs you.’

The star’s dad Mitch claims Amy, 25, has replaced her addiction to drugs with alcohol.

‘For the last six months, there’s been a remarkable recovery,’ he says. ‘With slight backward steps – not drug backward steps, more drink backward steps if you follow my drift.

‘I need my daughter to be a whole person again. I’ve tried it all. I said: “Amy you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to go to this doctor, you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that, you’re killing me, you’re killing your mum.”’

The interview will air on the ITV Evening News and ITV News At Ten bulletins tonight. 

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